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 投稿者:retour  投稿日:2015年10月 4日(日)09時28分1秒 s21-13.opera-mini.net
  通報 返信・引用

           In answer to your email, we address a documentation (enclosure) to you which summarizes the essence of
what it is necessary to know about the methods of engagement for the Foreign legion.


(a)         For any medical problem only a military doctor is jurisdiction over his case.
            This is done only in the context of the visit of commitment.

(b)         All cases relating to justice the answer to your question may be made only after a preliminary interview
            ith a recruiter in position information Foreign Legion (P.I.L.E.) or a post of recruiting Foreign Legion (P.R.L.E.).

       Any volunteer, whatever his nationality and his country of origin must be presented in one of the stations of
       recruitment or information of the Foreign legion in Metropolitan France
       (idem for the residents in the DOM & TOM), with a valid identity paper.

       It can present every day of the year in an office of the foreign legion, nevertheless we advise you to
       come in the week from 9:00 to 17:00 to facilitate the administrative tasks.

Lodging and the food are ensured throughout the period of recruitment.

       The candidate will then be subjected to operations of selection and orientation during one period of
approximately 04 weeks, and this without any contact with outside.

We draw your attention to the following points:

・         Recruitment is opened to the men (and only to the men) 17 years ?  at 39 years.

No exemptions before and after these crenels.

・         The Foreign legion cannot grant any support in your administrative approaches to you to obtain a visa (nationals except the EEC).

・         The Foreign legion cannot financially help you for your project of voyage.

      It is strongly advised to you to have a ticket return in order not to find you in infringement with
respect to the French legislation on the stay from abroad.

     If its candidature is approved, the volunteer will be authorized to subscribe one 05 years duration
an unconditional contract minimum. In the contrary case and whatever is the reason, it will be immediately returned to the civil life.

Personal businesses has to take to present to you :

・         At least 01 valid identity paper, therefore minimum a valid passport with or without Visa for
the foreigners at the European Community (otherwise an identity card for the nationals of the EEC).

・         01 correct civil behaviour, Body linen for 05 days (slipways, undershirt, socks),

・         01 pair of sport shoe,

・         complete Toilet bag (brushes with tooth, towel, foam to be shaved and razor, soap),

・         Maximum 30 to 60 Euro  of pocket money (in small cuts).

Not to take:

・         Convey/motor bike,

・         telephone or laptop, reader MP3,

・         cumbersome or invaluable object,

・         notebook of accounts - cheques or bank card,

・         Etc…

        Do not forget to consult the enclosures,

For more information consult following Internet sites:

ただ、管理をしやすいように、9:00 to 17:00までに志願したほうが良いようです。
    (大佐) ありがとうございます。  

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